Can't setup Collision in UDK Properties

In the latest version of udk editor I can’t configure/modify one thing it’s collision settings that Shane Caudle presented 9 years ago. Is it necessary to follow his tutorial first in order to change game modes of camera angles? Why it have to be UDNPawn.uc file I didn’t find such file, but UDKPawn.uc instead. So what am I suppose to do? Make new file or rename this file.

Hi Gamerz31w. You’ve been asking a lot of questions lately, and that’s good. But the way you ask your questions makes it hard for anyone to help you. Here you say you “can’t setup collision in UDK properties.” OK. I’m sure everyone would love to help you, but we need more information.

What are you trying to change the collision settings on?

How are you trying to change collision settings?

What happens when you try to change collision settings?

As for the specific answers above…

No. There are a million ways for you to change camera angles. You don’t have to follow any one tutorial. If you are having trouble with changing the camera angle, then let’s discuss that in another thread.

Just a guess, but you’re probably supposed to make a new class UDNPawn that extends UDKPawn. I don’t know for sure because I have no idea who Shane Caudle is or what he presented 9 years ago. Maybe you could post a link to the tutorial, and tell us how far you got into the tutorial before running into problems. And whatever you do, DON’T rename UDKPawn. I would recommend that you DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING in the UDKBase classes, and anything that you need to change, you make a class that extends a UDK class, and make any changes to that class instead.

Just like Shane Caudle explained in his tutorial.

I can’t open properties of collision 1:42 minutes.

What do you mean “can’t open properties of collision”? You mean it isn’t there? Or it’s there and you click on it and it doesn’t do anything?

Select the pawn, press F4 to bring up its properties. Without typing anything into the properties window, just scroll down. Does it have a collision section? Take a screenshot and post it to show us what you see.

This means I can’t set the parameters of collission.

In this moment I can’t expand collission settings by clicking the left mouse button.

I meant take a screenshot of your UDK editor, not the YouTube video. What if you just scroll through the properties without searching for collision? Can you change the collision properties then?

And I’m not sure if you know this, but you can proceed with the rest of the tutorial. Changing the collision radius of the pawn shouldn’t stop the rest of the tutorial from working.

Okay here’s mine udk editor 2015 version. Does it mean I imported jjios kismet tutorial assets in wrong folder place directory?

Because I treat this small pointless nuance. UDK Editor is still functioning properly.

Your collision properties are right there. What happens when you click on it and start typing?

And yeah, that error message is telling you that UDK looked for a package of that name in UDKGame\Content, but found it in UDKGame\Content\Mobile\Misc. If it bothers you, just move the file into UDKGame\Content.

Everything seems to be working fine, but there’s no cylinder wireframe that surrounds playable character NPC. But I’m unable to open Camera Actor_9 Properties.