Can't setup aim offset for multiplayer

Hi guys. I have a simple multiplayer project setup. Everything is fine, but I have no luck with setting up the aim offset. The pitch value from the node “get base aim rotation” goes bananas if the value goes below 0. It snaps to like 300 for some reason. The setup:


How it looks:

I can’t find any tutorials on this and idk what I am doing wrong. Any help is welcome.

I’ve never tried that function “Get Base Aim Rotation”, what I did was use controller rotation, and made a pitch variable in the character bp to replicate the pitch of the owner’s control rotation (on “Event Tick” I check if it’s the server running it, if true get control rotation and set the pitch variable).

Ill give it a go after work.

Ok so I had the same issue with control rot. I realized that if the pitch goes below 0 it snaps to 360. So I went back to my anim BP and just did this: 55e5b3121d4500988d07258ad35d063a8b9b707d.png and now it works fine. Idk what is going on but I made it to work and its ok for now. Thanks for help!