Can't set width of cable components dynamically

It is not possible to set the widths of cable components after the game has started. Trying to set Cable Width on a cable component in the construction script, EventBeginPlay, or EventTick all leave the cable at the same width visually.

I have attached a minimal project that demonstrates this. I am using Unreal 4.15.3.

In this project, I have an actor called MyCableActor which has three CableComponents. I also have a variable called Width that can be set on spawn. I attempt to set the cable width for each component in a different event.

I spawn three of these actors with different values for Width. (2, 10, and 20.) However, they all stay at the default width of 10 in the game.

[Download link to my example project.][3]

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Hi bvisness,

This is by design. Certain aspects of the Cable Component can’t be manipulated at runtime.

In code, these values are part of a category called “Cable Rendering”. Runtime editable values like Length are under a separate category.


Then perhaps you should not be able to set cable width through blueprints…

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I’m just here to bump this as another person who lost a few hours fighting with an apparently by-design thing, heh.

If this isn’t supposed to be changed at runtime, then could you maybe just not expose them? Update the code comment that shows up on a highlight to reflect their can-not-be-changed-at-runtime nature? This seems pretty fixable with just a few comment and documentation tweaks?

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If anyone is still looking for this,

You can make the cable thinner or thicker if you change the scale in the relative transform in the “add cable component” node.

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