Can't set up world partition

Online videos are bad or out of date. Can’t enable world partition. Nobody seems to explain it well either.


in editor goto add new level (drop down menu),it should open a window that should give you the option to add a world partition level (open world) to the project amongst others

suggest you do a save all after ( it should ask for you to name it then ) , as it may still crash (like ue5-preview2) after first creating it, if you add stuff to it before saving , but not had to create one in 5.0-release as yet

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Hello IronGuardian921,

While I haven’t had a chance to try world partition in the 5.0 release as of now, it seems as if the setting you are looking for is in the World Settings of your map under World Partition and then enable streaming.
After I enabled this, the world partition editor showed the world and I’m able to edit the streaming settings.


You can also create a new, empty Open World map/level.

So long, and God bless you

World partitions are now also unavailable,?