Can't set the value of a 3D Widget variable

I created a widget with a text field that I have bound to be editable. I add this widget to my blueprint actor, but the String variable I created isn’t accessible. Is this an engine limitation or am I doing something wrong? When I simply draw the widget to the screen, I can edit the variable without issue but not as a 3D Widget.

If I uncheck Context Sensitive I can set the var but the 3D Widget can’t be plugged into the target. I don’t understand why.

You are working with two different types of objects. The Widget Component is setting up the User Widget in 3D space. In order to get your User Widget within the Widget Component you need to call GetUserWidgetObject on the Widget Component and then cast it to the type of User Widget that has the variable you want to set.

Ahh there we go. Thank you :slight_smile: I did not know about the GetUserWidgetObject. You’re my hero!