Can't set teleport destination on button press

I’m back and asking the question about how to setup a teleport destination based on which button has been pressed.
I’ve asked before and it was very helpful but I still cannot get it to work.

This is the overview, the sole box is the button. Each of the flat boxes are the teleports, which are actors because I can’t communicate with anything in level blueprint. The Button should change the teleport location to one of the two teleport location on the left when you walk through the one on the left.

This is the hero blueprint containing the trace for the left click of the mouse (this works and I have the duration debug on), this fires a function called Button Press which I can then assign to lots of other things to be clicked in the future.


This is the button BP which calls (casts) a function within which sets a int variable. I can’t get this to cast to the teleport (Portal) blueprint and I can’t reference other portals without getting an array of all actors of “” type. Hence a int as it would call a position in a array.

The biggest problem I’m having is understanding why its so hard to do this. I have in the past built a whole teleport door system with buttons in source without reading one tutorial and it contained many more destinations.

Hi thanks for replying so quickly, I’m lost already. Does anyone know of a tutorial that actually contains sharing variables, teleporting, button clicking (I’ve watched the official one with the color changing box). Everything I’ve watched, read (I have a lot of time to watch, read these tutorials) but they all deal with sending to HUD, which appears to be far simpler than anything else.

Does anyone have a drawing or example blueprint they can show, because I’m creating nothing but corrupted levels now. (This will be the 8th time I’ve rebuilt this from scratch).

Does “Event Button Press” get called at all?

And why are you not returning anything?

You should be able to directly call the “Portal Value” function.

And one suggestion. You could directly provide a vector to your character BP where it should teleport to (from your button BP). If you make it public (in your Button BP, click on the eye next to the variable) you will be able to place a placeholder in your level which stands for that vector and therefore acts like the teleport destination.