Can't set main camera with Set View Target with Blend

I am trying to set up my main character, but when I try to attach my camera (which is set to be a part of my character, so it always follows it perfectly), it says that the camera is not an actor reference. Then I try to use an external camera(not apart of anything), and I cannot even drag it into my blueprint (and right click) to gain access to it. I am very new to unreal engine, and I followed several videos exactly to do this- but just errors.

OK, it is a bit tricky… You can “throw” a camera into your level, but that is only useful for “external” cameras. For your character click it in your world outliner (on the right side, the list with all objects). Under the world outliner there is a window with details (or world settings to name the other tab). Highlight your character in the world outliner and select the details tab. Now there is a green button to “add component”. Here you add a camera. Under the green button you can now see all objects that belong to your character in a hirarchy. You can move the camera to the character to “attach” it to the capsule - it will now move a bit to the right to show it is attached (“under”) the character. Make sure “use pawn control rotation” is ticked.