Can't set/get variable from invalid character

so here I want to make character building system so I deleted player character in a map.
but when I either set ir get variables from character and it’s invalid, so it dosen’t work.

How do I get or set variable to invalid character?
If you don’t understand what I am saying, you can look at below

make character creation system ----> deleted exist player character from map (become invalid) ------> set/get variable to prepare creation character(doesn’t work) ----->

spawn character (now it’s valid )but don’t have any variables those I have set

I read this few times but I still have a feeling I’m missing the point.
I understand that you’re deleting the character and then you try to get/set variables for it. After that a new character should spawn with said variables. But you can’t set/get something that doesn’t exist anymore. You need to save whatever information you need before you delete the character that has that information and feed that information to new character.

Please clarify if I’m way off point here, my brain is a bit slow today.

and where should I save variables? anything that doesn’t exist in level or map will be invalid.

Right, you manually deleted the character from the world. I thought it was done in code, my bad.
Sorry I really have no idea what you trying to do. Can you explain a bit more what’s hiding under “make character creation system”?

Here from start:

I created widget blueprint(character creation system) this widget has their function with more class (warrior,mage,theif)
so each class will give you bonus from start when you selected them(increase health, mana , etc.)

and here is problem, I want this box to show bonus list when I clicked, they are widget that I created.
I used for eachloop to them to display but can’t get variables to set their magnitude

so I decided to make their magnitude link with my character by use cast to node but that’s it , it’s seem not work.


Very good, no one still can’t solve this