Can't set element in structure in array

Hi everyone.
Here’s the thing, I’m trying to set an “Available” bool to “true” for the next level in my game, after the current one was finished.
I came up with such an array which contains Cups and Levels inside it, the last one is a structure, which stores all levels with their info.

I had checked everything and data is readable and it’s correct. I also tried to do the same with a separate array and set that element and it works well.

What I’m doing wrong here? Is it possile to set array elem inside array structure?

We can’t see it here (it’s split) but did you get a copy or the reference of that struct:


That was a copy, I totally forgor about using refs…

Thanks man, again, that helped and it works fine now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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