Can't set DestructibleComponent SimulatePhysics

I want to add a force or impulse to my DestructibleMesh’s DestructibleComponents after the mesh breaks apart - e.g. so I can shoot the individual chunks of my mesh and have them go flying. So far I can get the DestructibleMesh DestructibleComponents to trigger overlap events, but they refuse to simulate physics.

In my OnComponentBeginOverlap method, I am able to cast the ‘OtherComp’ variable to a DestructibleComponent, but calling ‘SetSimulatePhysics’ on the cast-ed component doesn’t work. In my example blueprint below, all I get is a string of ‘Got Destructible’ followed by ‘Not Simulating’.

How can I add forces or impulses to DestructibleMesh DestructibleComponents using blueprints in UE4.10.2?