Can't select or transform objects from scene in editor

I’m building a map with world composition and so i’m working on the scene, adding and moving objects etc. When in perspective mode sometimes it happens that i can’t select the transform arrow or I just can select one axis. The transform gizmo is visible but dont’ respond to all axis. If i mouse over on arrow nothing happens… Some other times I really can’t select a single object from scene with left click. If I click on it it doesn’t do anything. Nothing seems highlighted in world outliner. Mouse cursor remains a white arrow and nothing happens.
Restarting editor sometimes fixes it but it happens again in no time.

Hello Zerstoren,

Has this been happening with previous versions of the engine as well, or is this new to 4.11? Could you try hitting the T key and see if that helps at all? Hitting T toggles the ability to select things through transparent objects.

Also, does this happen even in a scene that just has a single object or is the scene usually fairly busy?


Hi and thanks for the reply. This is happening since i’ve migrated to 4.11. In 4.10 I didn’t noticed any similar behaviour. This happens when the scene is very busy and I’m using world composition.I’ve two different maps with 70 sublevels and both seems to cause the issue.

When i start the editor it’s all working as intended but after a while, maybe after switching to landscape or foliage mode and going back to object placement mode something starts to mess up the mouse over events. And it’s not just a problem with a particular map because yesterday I also experienced the same in the cascade editor:

Clicking an emitter module to view the details panel didn’t work in any particle i was trying to open.

It seemed to me like if mouse location I see on screen is different from what the editor thinks… I enabled and disabled translucent selection but didn’t fix the issue. The only thing that I could do is to restart the editor but it’s very time consuming if you are working on a big map…

Hm, so it’s not even only viewport related, if it’s also happening with the modules. Could you post a dxdiag for the computer you’re using? If you have one available, would it be possible to try this same project on another computer to see if the same issue occurs? Also, while this might not help, check out this page of Software Conflicts to ensure that there isn’t anything on your computer that is a known conflict, it’s always best to be thorough

Hi, this is happening also in blueprint’s viewport so you can’t use the transforms controls with mouse over. If I start the project it’s all ok but after a play in editor the problem starts. I checked for software conflicts and i don’t use any of these. All other programs (maya, blender etc) works correctly if I use the transforms on screen and I don’t have any error message from UE4.

The only fix seems a restart of the editor.

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Would you happen to be using UI Scaling? It’s a Windows feature. I was speaking with a co-worker and they mentioned that they’ve heard of problems with that when using UE4 where the person wasn’t able to select things by putting their mouse directly over what they wanted to click, but it had a sort of offset.

Yes I was using UI scaling in windows 10 and now, after disabling it, everything seems to work fine… Thank you very much for the help

I have this problem also. Just all of a sudden started happening.I copied the project to my other computer and the same problem persists. Wasn’t happening a while ago on either machine.

Start a new project and I can move things around again.

So I guess whats happened is I have accidentally done something to my project. Is there some key press or something that could have stopped all objects from being moved in the scene?

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Maybe it’s because it’s not in “Place” mode. Left tot corner.

Maybe it’s because it’s not in “Place” mode. Left tot corner.

Had the same Bug, not able to select things or move things even in the Place Mode. The only thing that helped was… go to WINDOW and select RESET LAYOUT… Editor Restarts and I can select and move Objects again

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It work !!! Yeh thank you a lot !

For anyone else having this issue. For me, toggling “T” didn’t work. Until I toggled “G”. So Press G then T and repeat and then I got my cursor back

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