Can't select/modify existing foliage in environment

Hi, I working with this environment from the marketplace: Moon Landscape in Environments - UE Marketplace

In the environment, it seems there’s been rocks placed as foliage, but collision is not enabled for them. I want to enable collisions, but am not able to select them with the foliage tool. I saw other people mentioned this issue as a bug, with fixes being turning off nanite or restarting the editor. However, nanite is not enabled on these meshes (there is no nanite by default in the environment), and this happens on first loading the content as well as after restarting the project. Any ideas on how to deal with this?

I’m assuming it’s landscape foliage?

I believe so. The issue is that I can’t select the existing foliage. In foliage mode, neither the select nor lasso tool work (I’ve dragged the provided rock meshes into the selected foliage). Also what’s strange is that typically, when clicking on foliage even outside of the foliage tool, it becomes highlighted in yellow, but for these rocks nothing happens when I click on them.

If it’s landscape foliage, you can’t edit it. It’s not generated by the foliage tool, it procedurally generated when you open the level.

I see, is it there any way to hide or disable it then? But ideally still be able to add my own foliage in with the foliage tool after

This is how it works

You can also paint your own.