Can't select anim class

I’m using the Third Person default start but I wanted to use my own animations and mesh, but when I try to select my own animation BP from the anim class dropdown It simply doesn’t select.

GIF of it happening

I have the exact same issue.
I’m using v4.25.4.

u solved this ? i have the same problem

So basically I installed the newest version (v4.26.1) and then it worked (for me at least).
Hope this helps;)

For me it was happening when trying to select any animation or anim class that used a specific skeleton. I solved it by renaming the folder in which the animation blueprint was in. It makes no sense but it worked!

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Just had this issue myself. Turns out it was that I had brackets/parenthesis in my folder name that it didn’t like. I saved and Built All Levels after changing the folder name and it worked.

I have the same issue that OP had in their GIF. I’m running 5.1