Can't select/Add Actor on editor

I hope someone please answer me, because it’s so annoying to wait hours and days and no one bats an eye.

I created a widget or UMG Interface and Im using an Actor Array to store some custom camera blueprints, because I want to have access to the “Scene Capture Component 2d” of each camera. Now, when I try to add my blueprints on defaults tab… I, can’t.

Here’s the image.


First of all the editor is dispaying some spanish so, “Ninguno” = None. When I click the combobox I can see my blueprints on the drop menu but when I click them the combobox keeps displaying “None” as if I didn’t select anything.

Im using 4.7.5, Win8

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I want to help but I need to know a few things.

Is the array an array of classes or an array of objects?

Are you trying to add cameras at runtime to this array or are the cameras already in the world?

Sorry for replying days after. The Array is an array of objects. And the cameras are already in the world

Hmm I tried replicating this, and was able to select actors just fine…

It seems to be working fine on 4.7.6, maybe try updating.

I’m sorry I don’t think I can be any more help.

You can’t reference Actors from the world in the “default” tab as default properties are not linked to any world.

Your Widget is meant to be reused anywhere in any level of your game so it can’t reference stuff from a specific level.

Best way to achieve what you want is to fill this array from your Level Blueprint Graph: find or create the Widget then add everything from your world to its Array.

Did you replicate this on a UMG blueprint or widget?

This worked. I knew working on level blueprint could solve my problem but I was trying to solve this directly into the widget blueprints. It kinda sucks that you can’t access some objects directly or by reference, but knowing the UE logic, it makes sense.


No I did the following

  1. Made a first person project
  2. Opened the character BP and added an array of actors
  3. Placed the character into the world
  4. Placed several cameras into the world
  5. Selected the character in the world and added the cameras from the details panel.

Great, could you please mark the answer as accepted so travelers ending here will find their needs :smiley:

Making it on the character BP works, but on UMG BPs or widgets