Can't seem to wrap my head around some things in unreal.

I’ve been learning unreal using blueprints for a few months now. I’ve learned how to do most of the basics, basic animation setup, input, many movement things, and even experimented with some custom things like abilities to walk through walls and stuff. However I’ve kind of hit a road block, I have ideas in my head, ones where I want to do basic game things like: put a gun in the players hand that they can shoot, melee weapons, other similar basic things. I’m sure out of everything I’ve learned I do know how to do these numerous things, but I continue to struggle to apply what I’ve already learned in a way where I can figure out how to do these things and expand my knowledge. I know I could just look it up but I feel like I shouldn’t. Not asking for a tutorial, but rather advice on what might be wrong with my way of thinking and how to overcome it, thanks!

I know exactly what you mean. I struggled for a long time. Basically just keep going.

The rules of keeping going are:

  1. Look everything up, it will be quite a while before you start to get your spider sense for how to make things from scratch

  2. At any point, you only have to take 1 step. Just ask yourself, what is the next step? It can be tiny.

  3. Repeat