Cant seem to send events out from animationBP to other BP's

Ok so im just using a key press to trigger a statemachine in the animblueprint, the animation plays stops and goes back to idle. My problem is I can still move during that animation and i want to disable player movement while it is happening.

I am not sure how i can send events out of the statemachine itself, so what i did was put 1 animnotify at the beginning of my animation(stop movement) and another one at the end(re-enable movement). Then in the animationBP, i call those events and send 2 interface events.

On the characterBP, I am listening for those events(class settings has the interface and i added the events on the graph) , but doesnt look like theyre being sent successfully from the animationbP. Do you guys have any idea what i might be doing wrong? Or any other Better way of doing this?

If you’re trying to play an extra animation, why not using PlayAnimMontage or PlayAnimation in your AnimBP and your AnimNotify should work properly instead of firing a whole StateMachine for a single animation. I think the Notify problem comes from the fact it’s played in a StateMachine.