Can't seem to rename Android game

Hey, I hope everyone is doing well.

I started to develop a game some time ago. At first, I called it “Stack Attack!”. I realized there’s already a game with almost that exact name so I decided to call it “Infinity Stack”. I changed it every place I can think of, but when I install the game from Google play, it still shows up as “Stack Attack”.

I’ve changed it every place I can think of. I made a new project on google play, changed it in my project settings under display name, and the android section in project settings.

Does anyone know what specific field refers to the name that displays on the homescreen once deployed to the play store? Thank you so much to anyone willing to take the time.

I recommend you using Sublime Text.

  1. Open project folder in Sublime Text
  2. Press ctrl + shift + f
  3. Write ‘Stack Attack’ and press enter
  4. Replace occurrences if there is