can't seem to install TAPD

I have gotten a small message while installing the TAPD software and I have eclipse installed running the most updated frameworks but I get a message that states the following…
unexpected parameter 'ventana_gb_revision***/osimages/***unknown
After hitting the ok button I get another message but it’s too long to really post. The window title both of these error boxes pop up with is Downlo~1. Has anyone come across this yet? Or have any suggestions. I know I could just go the other steps but if I couldn’t set it up the easy way won’t I still pretty much run into the same problem? Anyway…any thoughts anyone??

Yeah, I had problems a week ago when trying to install (and I tried again yesterday). Failed to download packages from google. Will need to download and install manually.

I did the same thing the complete install and it was error city by the end and eventually couldn’t complete the install… Go with express install you can add other items later if you need them…