Can't seem to import anything anymore.

Hi, I’m running UE4.8.3 with my game, Shifted Dimension, and I’m trying to add a better water material into the content browser so I can use it for the map. For some reason, though, I have this material I download off the forums today. First try, I managed to import it, but some files like the material itself and some textures were corrupted. Second and third time 'round, almost every file in the pack and even directories were missing, despite them being IN the /content/ folder of the game’s project folder.

Even tried copying into a different directory in the project, same thing.

Now I have this model of a low-poly phone I want the player to hold while you’re in the Phone UI. Also, it’s a good thing to place on a dresser or something in a house as decoration, so there’s that, too. I save it as .FBX from Blender, and despite me creating a new directory under /content/Phone/ called “Models”, and saving the .fbx file in there, not even an import dialog comes up. The directory doesn’t show up either. I’m really concerned about this, as it’ll GREATLY hinder the game’s development if I can’t even import a single .FBX file from a blender file made by another dev without the game’s code… Is there ANY way I can fix this? Besides this issue, UE4 is running fairly smooth and without errors.

Try making a new test project and see if you can import the files into it. There might be some corruption in your current project. Hopefully not though.

It could be that the water material is unsing/was saved with another engine version :slight_smile:
Regarding to the fbx import -> are you abel to import files in another project