Cant seem to get my anims to play inside a Pawn class BP ...

Hi everyone.

I have a skel mesh and if I drag it straight into to world, I can get both play animation and animation montage to work.

However as soon as I create a Pawn class BP and I make the skel mesh the root component, neither anims or anim montages work.

I do notice there is an anim setting in the details panel but I tried different settings on that and that doesn’t play the anims either.

So outside the Pawn class BP everything works, once inside the Pawn class BP nothing works.

Just wondering what the trick is.

I attached a print string at the end of the play anims on the node graph of the Pawn class BP and I see nothing coming up on the screen.

Doesn’t look like the Pawn class BP is even firing the execution line.

Thank you :slight_smile:

O.k. if I re-create the Pawn class BP with another skel mesh and anim then everything works inside the BP’s node graph.
So I am wondering maybe there was just an issue with the other skel mesh.

So the play montage node doesn’t do anything in the Pawn class BP but if you select the same anim montage in the play anim node then it works. Weird?

I am using Blender 2.80 beta so maybe that’s an issue? :slight_smile:

There’s so many gotchas with Characters / Animations…:stuck_out_tongue: The Play-Animation node will happily accept any Anim-Sequence, but silently fail if its just not compatible. So open up the skeletal mesh editor and make ensure you see the Anim-Sequence for your skeleton in there, and then test it out by clicking on the anim and make sure it plays live over the skel mesh.

The Montage node you probably want is either Play-Anim-Montage or Play-Montage. You need to have converted the Anim-Sequence into an Montage format first obviously. But both nodes work. There’s also Montage-Play too (needs CharMesh → Get-Anim-Instance node), but it also works. So most likely the anim isn’t compatible with the skeleton atm…

I see o.k. got it thank you for the detailed answer :slight_smile: