Cant seem to attach particle system to moving mesh in Sequencer animation track ...

Hi everyone,

Having great problems with attaching a particle system I built from scratch to a movable mesh animated inside Sequencer.
Only particle system that attaches and keeps world position is the steam premade particle system in the starter content.
The self made particle system does attach to a moving mesh outside of sequencer if the object naturally movies with physics such as rolling drum.
Otherwise I cant get it to show following a moving object in a sequencer animation track.
Its just not there.
I tried event begin play and custom event called from event track inside sequencer.
Neither works.
Can anyone get this to work?
Loved to know thank you :slight_smile:

Figured it out. :slight_smile:
Its working now.
Looks like its very important to build and place the moving mesh you want to animate inside Sequencer at the same position as the first frame of the animation track and also to keyframe that frame on the animation track. I made the mistake to “park” the moving mesh somewhere else off screen and then snap it into position right in the middle of the sequence and I didn’t keyframe the very first frame on the animation track. Think its just a referencing issue :slight_smile:
Working fine now :slight_smile: