Can't see video in Unreal Academy from my country, is blocked in Indonesia

I can access the unreal academy site, but I can’t see the video.

Thou it still can be accessed if using DNS over HTTPS or VPN, but I just want Epic know that is blocked in here.

BTW substance academy is using youtube as video platform, and it works fine here

What anti-virus are you using? It normally shouldn’t block any VPN service.

@denvincents I personally use ExpressVPN. It’s $13 USD a month, it’s fast, they don’t do any logging on their servers, and have ton’s of connection locations all over the world. If you just connect to a server in a country that does allow vimeo you should be set. Anti-virus can block VPN’s for sure. I have a friend who (for some reason) paid for the Avast suite and it locked his computer DOWN. Internet browsers wouldn’t even work because for some reason Avast decided that blocking the typical web ports (80, 443) was a good idea. So check to make sure your anti-virus doesn’t have a firewall or VPN built into it, and if it does then you can turn them off or at least allow an exception for your VPN service. Oh and if you use this referral link you and I both get 30 days free for ExpressVPN


Is it better than Nord VPN? I’ve seen numerous discussions where everyone is comparing both. I cannot decide now. Someone on reddit mentioned that three years subscription with NordVPN is only a few dollars more than only one year of ExpressVPN? Can it be so?