Can't see variable in animation blueprint

I made a new boolean called “IsReloading” in my character blueprint class. But I cant’t see that variable in the animation blueprint. Does anybody know how to fix this?


What is the name of the character blueprint you want to cast to? I think you’re trying to cast to general character which will not work for you. If you char name is PlayerPawn then you need to cast to PlayerPawn in order to get access to that variable.

Already tried to do that, still cant access that variable. I can access the Reload function but not this variable. I will try to create that variable in my c++ class instead of the blueprint class and hope it works then.

What is the actual character you’re playing? What is Scharacter? Have you tried creating a new variable, say an integer and see if it’s going to show up? I really think you’re casting to a wrong character.

OMG thank you. I casted to the c++ class and not to the blueprint class. Thanks a lot.