Cant see the blueprint of the "blueprint first person" in the new project tab

i tried everything but i cant see the blueprint of the first person nor the other ones, i want to see how they are set up. sorry im a total newb, Thanks in advance!

In your content browser Under Games there should be a folder called Blueprints. The firstperson BP is named “My Character” and the rest of the blueprints are in that folder.

Neither do I. Can’t find BluePrint First Person like shown in the videos, and I don’t have a “My Character” thing inside the Blueprints folder…

EDIT: Ok, I found it. It’s called TP FirstPerson in the project browser, and once created you can find MyCharacter in the Blueprints folder of the Content Browser.

Try to
If you want to setup your own ‘MyCharacter2’ class with own logic.
Under section ‘Creating a Custom GameMode’ number 4. and 5.

Holy … ! I lost all weekend trying to figure this on my own, thanks for link.
Good thing is that i learned where all strange things hide in blueprints.

Another way to find all Blueprints in a project is to press the Blueprint button on the main toolbar and choose ‘Open Class Blueprint…’

Cant see the blueprint of the “blueprint first person” in the new project tab

I have exactly the same problem. When I click ‘New Project’, I only get the option ‘Blank’, or ‘Basic Code’.