Can't see StaticMeshActors in wireframe mode

I’m at the start of the UE5 learning curve and looking through the Valley of the Ancients sample project. I can’t see any StaticMeshActors when I activate wireframe mode in the viewport. The skeletalMeshActors are visible. Is there a reason for this? I’m trying to see a wireframe of the rock models to try and work out why some of them are 500mb in size!

From my understanding Nanite meshes are not showing in the wireframe view at this time. They are 500mb because they are movie quality high poly assets which is the point of nanite

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Hi, thanks for responding so quickly. I switched off Nanite on the asset I was looking at (SM_RockSandstone_01 Static Mesh asset), and then exported it as an FBX to 3ds Max, where I could see it had around 7million polys. In UE5, mousing over the same asset gave a polycount of just 2000 which is what was confusing me most, even when I had nanite deactivated. Is there a better way to find this info in-engine? The textures for the same asset are only 4096x4096, I’m used to 3d assets with much lower mesh sizes and comparatively bigger textures. Are there any videos up yet that go into some more depth about how Nanite and the other new engine features work?