Cant see my installed Unreal Engines

Been having problem for the past few days.
I cant see my installed Unreal engines I have 4.19 preview 6 all the way back to 4.16 installed and now if I go to my launcher I dont see any of them.

I have done several reinstalls of the launcher and I just get options to install 4.17 .2

at one point the I deleted epic launcher and unreal related …installed the launcher installed 4.19 preview 6 and 4.18.3 but when I restarted the launcher I lost them again and could only install up to 4.17.2

here is what my screen looks like


so I found a trick…I open epic launcher (logged in )… go to online forum login… then on open epic launcher signout and hit the sign in later button and this is the screen I get.

Then I sign back in and must stuff is still in there.