Can't see Item Engram in server

So, I made a mod that adds a freezer to the game, and I got it to work in the editor and in SP, but it’s not showing up when I load other mods with it, Specifically Morecrafting ARK, and I’m assuming this is because MC has an asset that is much like mine. But I already went through and changed all of the names to not intersect.

I can give myself the item using the cheat command, but i can’t get it using the engram list.

any thoughts?

You’re using the additional blueprint engram classes array in your PGD?

So it’s just not showing up in the list or you can’t learn it from the list, just clarifying.

If you load your mod before the other mod, does it stop anything from that mod loading?


I can’t see nor learn the engram, however, mod load order isn’t the issue.
I put it as the second mod in the load order (second to Improved Balanced Stacks) and it still wasn’t showing up.

I’ll have to see about the PGD.

clarifying: it doesn’t interfere with the Morecrafting ARK at all. everything is still available.