Cant see Gameplay Cue Tags in Gameplay Effect tag list

Hi eveeryone,

i’m currently working with the gameplay Ability System (GAS) and I am trying to create a Gameplay Cue so that I can add animations to my abilities.

Im using 4.27

The problem is that I cant add the Gameplay Cue’s Tag in the Gameplay Effect because the list is just empty.

The list is also empty when creating the Gameplay Cue which, according to video tutorials, should be populating with all of my tags.

Here are screenshots of what I see:

Gameplay Ability Blueprint

GamplayEffect Blueprint

Gameplay Cue Blueprint

Full list of Tags:

For anyone in the future, 4.27 requires that GameplayCue tags be prefixed with “GameplayCue”.

So, for example, if the tag you want to create is called “Status.SomeStatusCue” then you have to rename it to “GameplayCue.Status.SomeStatusCue”