Cant see foliage that is painted until game is played

I have 3 maps, and my persistent level, I can paint foliage and see it well im painting it in every level but 1. For some reason this 1 particular map which is the main map doesn’t show foliage when painting in the editor. If I play the game though after painting it I can see it. I have checked the show flags for foliage and instanced static meshes but everything is on. Any ideas on this?

Try saving and exiting the level (just open another temp level) and then opening the main level again. This sometimes bugs out for me (the same way - can see in game, but not in editor)

Yes, I have tried this several times already, its been a issue for over a month now.

:confused: how about creating a new streaming level and does the issue persists?

I just copied everything to a new map and its working now.