Can't see BluePrint network firing??

For some reason, when I create one of the default BP projects (First Person, Sidescroller, etc.) and run the game I can’t see the events firing in the EventGraph?

For example, the FPS project has a lot of Input Events (Input Jump, MoveRight, Axis, etc.) in the MyCharacter event graph but none of them fire when I’m running the game with the blueprint window open. Everything works; the characters move around as they’re scripted to, I just can’t visually SEE the networks firing.

If I create my own BP and throw in an event in and drag it into the scene I can see that networking working. Whats up with that? Is there a setting or something obvious I’m missing?


Run the game and select which instance of your BP to debug. It is done in the BP window, at the top.

Let’s say you make a rocket towerBP and put that in your world 5 times. You need to select the right instance of that BP when running the game to see it in action.

Thanks!! I had looked at that before, but not while the game was running. Makes total sense.