Can't sculpt below terrain ground level

I’m ,very oddly, unable to sculpt DOWN for a lake/ocean or whatever, using 4.10.2 of engine, is this a known failing of this version ? I tried everthing but smoothing or sculpting refuses to go any further than ‘level’ ground o_0 I have a reasonably large landscape and a lot of sculpting ( complex terrain), is it possible the terrain grid has been corrupted somehow, as when I use smooth brush with ‘detail’ smoth on, sometimes I get huge spikes everywhere, around areas where I’m smooth.Yes I can sculpt down, over hilly terrain, but what I’m doing atm, more ‘ocean’ like, that does me no good. As you’ve done in video, I need to dig down right over flat terrain.

Thx anyone, very odd issue. I looked everywhere, saw people sculpting as needed on youtube, but found no answers there.

I added a new terrain piece,but that was the same problem.


I think it’s because the terrain is full black, so it’s at the minimum height. Raise the entire terrain and sculpt it down.

Full black ?

Yes its at minimum height, but I thought we could ‘sculpt down’ below that, I’ve seen people do it online, BUT maybe looks were deceiving, maybe the had sculpted a very large portion of the terrain, and as their sculpted down it made it look like something else, just a thought, who knows. I’ll try to investigate .

Thanks for reply, I guess was being a bit lazy (though it would have b een ideal, to sculpt below level, as one can in a ‘modeling application’, but sadly that’s not a feature for terrain in a game engine, so I"ll adapt and mimic nature!

TY for reply!

Well the thing about the full black has the most logic. :smiley: But I might be wrong of course.

As far as I know, the engine paints a heightmap realtime while 3d modeling applications store verts in text file if you know what I mean.

Landscape actors will still conform to the black/white values of a hight-map, black being down, white being up.

I havn’t needed to sclupt as high as you are but something you could try is making sure your landscape actor is at 0 on the Z axis, if it is then try increasing the scale of the landscape actor (this will scale your current landscape, but it is a fix for it)