Can't save new culture / language In-Game


i’m using the Localization Dashboard to translate my game from english to german. As soon as i add german as a new culture it automatically switches in-game to the german translation even native is still set to english. How come? I would like to have english still as the native culture in-game if you start the game for the first time.

The second issue i have is, i can’t save the new culture when i change it in-game. I can change it in-game in real-time but when i quit and restart the game it is set back to german language.
How do i save the “SetCurrentCulture”/“SetCurrentLanguageandLocale” to the game settings? The box “SaveToConfig” is checked. Do i need to add something else to my blueprint?

Still not solved, no one who can help me here?

Same here - language settings is not saved anywhere it seems :frowning:

Hi, can you help me, please. I’ve made translations, everything as you, but in game I can only switch from localized culture to native but not vice versa. Get Current Language returns correct locale after switch, but text does not translates.

This is how i’ve managed to change languages with a combo box (drop down menu) and it’s working perfectly.

Do you find any solution, How to save Current Culture, When you Exit the game or close game?

In case anyone still has problems saving your language for the next game session, expand the node and see the Save to config option. I just noticed it after seeing the blueprints here in your posts. Thanks guys!