Can't save gravity settings in Engine - Physics settings! Reverts back between sessions

I accidentally changed the engine settings gravity to -3000, and it saved like that.
Once I realized that, I changed it back to -980 and tried to save everything in the project again.

But now every time I open the engine and the project, the gravity is set to -3000, and every time I set it back to -980, but it doesn’t seem to “stick” between sessions.
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Is there a “save settings” option I’m not seeing?
If it’s a bug, is there a fix or workaround? Please help. Thanks

Make a backup just in case and close the project after that go to:

Documents > Unreal Projects > Your project > Config > DefaultEngine.ini < open this

Change these 2 but only the numbers before the decimal point:


After that save and open the project again and check it.