"can't save .... asset: graph is linked to private object" - bug?

Did some searching and found some suggestions, but none of them works. I have a BP that at some point in the past contained function (or was it a macro?) DoSomething. After rearranging the code DoSomething became obsolete, so I deleted it. Some time after that I had a problem saving BP, UE displaying a message that it “can’t save blah blah” and naming DoSomething as a culprit but File/Refresh all nodes helped. Now I have duplicated the BP, to test other approach - did some changes to the code, and I can’t save the new BP for exactly the same reason. Searching the BP for DoSomething doesn’t find anything, refreshing nodes doesn’t help.

Any ideas?

When you got cant save error, make sure you have only one instance of unreal editor running.

Didn’t know, but only one opened, so that’s not the reason :frowning:

You might have hard references to a blueprint that contains compiler errors, you won’t be able to save them until that referenced bp is fixed.