Cant run packaged game

Hey folks,

i need to open this thread cause im at the end of my knowledge. I ve googled around and found many posts, where the solution was the AV blocking the .exe but this is
not the problem in my case…

I have a prototype project based on the ThirdPerson Template and since i updated from 4.15 to 4.16 i cant run the packaged game anymore.

  • It pops up in the Task-Manager and stays there until i remove them manually.

  • the Saved/Logs doesnt print anything suspicious

  • ive disabled Anti Virus and Firewall. I even deinstalled AV

  • i created a new Project in 4.16 - packaged it - and it runs without any problems

  • the game itself runs within the Editor and when you “Launch” it via .uproject.

  • i did the same on another machine with the same result

Does anyone has any further idea of how can i debug the problem?

Thanks in advance