Can't run a packaged game ("RocketGame requires a project file as the first parameter")

I am trying to package a game and run outside of the editor.

Steps taken:

  1. Launch Rocket editor (beta 6)
  2. Create a new project using the “BP FPS template”
  3. Select File->Package Project->Windows
  4. Select the output folder.

The packaging results in a directory structure seen here: Volume in drive D is Work Volume Serial Number is 7C5D-380B Directory of -

Whenever i try running the built .EXE (under Engine/Binaries/Win32) i get the following message:

“RocketGame requires a project file as the first parameter”

Is this a bug? why isn’t it working correctly?

Hi Lior. You need to create a shortcut or batch file as Rama suggests, but it needs a relative path to the uproject file to be appended to the command line:

RocketGame.exe ../../../BP_FPS/BP_FPS.uproject

The next beta won’t require this step, but the change just missed the Beta 6 deadline.

The .uproject file is something that gets distributed to the players of the game ?

Yes, but it’s stored inside the PAK file. The PAK file is a self-contained filesystem that the engine mounts on startup, and will be mapped onto ‘…/…/…/BP_FPS’.

The .uproject file is stored inside it (hence the path above), so it’s visible to the engine but not directly visible to players of your game.

Thanks. Is this documented somewhere? i didn’t read about it anywhere… (and i’m reading the documentation one page at a time :slight_smile: )

see my answer below

Actually this link https:/ /

says you need to go 4 folders up (…/…/…/…/) but the correct number is 3

I think it should be fixed at least until the next beta is out (since it fixes the need for doing this anyway)

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll enter a request to get that fixed.

Dear Lior,

You must create a shortcut out of your .exe file

and add -PAK to the end of the shortcut

I personally use a .bat file

into empty text file that you name with .bat extension you can write something like this

cd YourRootDir\YourGame\Binaries\Win64
YourGame.exe -pak -log -nosteam

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That didn’t work.