Can't rotate custom Cubemap for Skylight in BP

I’m experimenting with ray tracing and lighting my scenes with an hdr cubemap.
I made a simple BP that has a sphere and a skylight and I rotate the texture on the sphere and the cubemap angle.
Works fine when I play the level but I can’t preview the rotation because I can’t set the cubemap angle in BP so the construction script doesn’t update.

Considering there’s a “get cubemap angle” node I’d think the missing set node is an oversight. Hope you add it soon, it’d be useful for real time lighting.


If you googled a bit you couldve found this thread. Rotate HDRI within SkyLight or PostProcessVolume? - Asset Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

One little tip for you, change the View mode to Path Tracing, there you will see the angle of the Skylight cubemap. This way you can match the SkySphere" texture or the other way around.

That really doesn’t help me in any way. I want to visualize the HDRI rotation in the editor. I already have it working as the game is playing.
The only reason I can’t do it right now, as I explained exceedingly simply before, is because the blueprint editor is missing a node that absolutely should be there.

My bad, I didnt know you explained your overwhelming challenge that you have… so exceedingly simply. Dont be surprised if you ever get answer to your questions in forums with this behavior. I posted you probably the only solution you currently can have with blueprints.

If you downloaded the project file from the thread I posted to you, you could’ve found that you can Recapture the Skylight which means you can use “SLS Captured Scene” instead “Specified cubemap” on Skylight and just control the rotation of the sphere cube map. This way you can get the rotation of the sphere cubemap, if this is exceedingly simple enough for you to do.

To check if this logic works, as I already exceedingly simply gave you a tip that you can use the Path Tracing view mode to double check what the skylight is capturing. You can play with the Sky Distance Threshold to cut out the nearest objects if you dont want them inside the skylight.

I hope I explained the concept in exceedingly simple terms.


Just to note that if like me, you’ve also been looking for a solution to setting the cubemap angle for a ‘Specified cubemap’ from blueprints - there isn’t currently a way to do it. You will have to write a C++ class to set USkylightComponent::SourceCubemapAngle.

The solution linked to in the above posts that uses the ‘BP_LightStudio’ blueprint requires that you use the ‘SLS Captured Scene’ style of cubemaps, which won’t work if you want to stick with ‘Specified Cubemaps’ for your Skylight.


i thought it would be much easier to rotate the HDRI just like in 3D Max/ VRay Fstorm aso … :frowning:

This is mindblowing to me that of all the features in UE4, being able to rotate an HDRI at runtime is somehow overlooked; yet it is a patently obvious feature in so many accessory software, e.g. Marmoset, Designer, Painter, Keyshot, etc.

Did you arrive at a solution for this? I also attempted the BP_LightStudio method, but to no avail - as you pointed out.

Is there no method to animate (keyframe) a skylight in sequencer in 2021?

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There’s a plugin for HDRIs you can enable. But that has it’s own shortcomings because it’s made for product display or some such nonsense - if I remember correctly it does not work with ray tracing which makes it pretty much useless for my usecase. And it’s kinda heavy for the results it produces as well. So altogether not a good option.

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Set Property seems to work fine on Source Cubemap Angle in BP in 4.26.2

in the Set Editor Property Node, use “SourceCubemapAngle” as the property name, Object is the Lightcomponent of the SkyLight.

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Hi !

This was working in 4.27.2 but now crashes in 5.0 :confused:

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It crashes in 5.0.1 too, with this error :

Assertion failed: !bActorIsBeingConstructed [File:D:\build\++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\ActorConstruction.cpp] [Line: 711] Actor construction is not reentrant

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The crash has been logged as UE-150161.

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Hello @Peter_Bowmar,

I can find the get sourcecubemapangle but not the set !

Whqat is the set editor property name ?