Can't rotate correctly meshes/camera in actor editor? [bug?]


I never had this problem before, means in versions to 4.18. When I’m trying rotate one axis, let’s say X in editor, firstly - progress is not visible, but values changes a lot (random effects). Next, I’m trying change only X and I have changed all values, Y,Z too.

Values changing, but mesh (or camera like on screenshot) are not changed. Changing values manually have no effect in game. Only me?


ps. Temporary solution - remove and add again component

Nope. This is clean third person example, empty begin play and construction.

Looks like you set the rotation in ConstructionScript (possibly BeginPlay instead), so editing default rotation doesnt help because it gets reset by BP anyway.

Is that the case?

Yes, strange - it’s why I’m asking. No, I described it.

strange. can you try setting the rotation in BP and looking if there is an effect to this?

are you possibly using SetWorldRotation instead of SetRelativeRotation?

I’m talking about manipulating in editor, not settings in blueprint. Moving, rotating Rotate things. And after delete and recreate camera it’s gone. Maybe camera settings I miss? Dunno. Nothing in code anyway.

Well, it can be it, half true but this can be problem. I have settings like on screen shot - here is camera boom, but camera is not attached to boom, but to actor mesh. Just editor can’t see it correctly! Looks like a bug, but I will not post it on their form, this is black hole :slight_smile:
Thank’s for help, I will remember next time, however it should be fixed.

is the camera attached to the cameraboom component? possibly you would like to rotate cameraboom instead of directly touching the camera

editor doesn’t always show it correctly. if it’s set in C++ for example.
you can check it by BP printString of getAttachParent of the camera