Can't rotate component while rotating pawn's root.

Hello :smiley:

I have a pawn that has a body as the root component, and a turret as an attached component. (it’s a tank-type-thing).

I’m controlling both separately by getting the rotation values base on the gamepad axis input. That part works fine.
However, I can’t get the cannon to rotate WHILE I’m rotating the base. But as soon as the base stops rotating I can move the cannon again just fine.

Maybe it has something to do with the cannon inheriting the base’s rotation? Maybe it’s an issue with input priority? Quite frankly I have no idea and i’m just guessing here.

In any case, here’s how I did the blueprint for this thing, maybe someone with some more experience can help me out =(

Not a pro but maybe this will give some incite…
Dont you have to call these in a function first and then call the function on event tick
to make sure its looking for both inputs every frame and not once its initialised?

or add a blueprint for each section as it is in 2 parts? bottom and top and neither is affected by other…
ie Tank can shoot backwards while moving forward… Which u know LOL…