Can't right click or open any drop down menus

Hi Ive been working on a project for university and it was all going fine up till this week. I can now no longer right click most things or open most drop down menus.

I have looked and seen that this problem has happened to people, the spacebar trick works on some drop down menus but not all of them which means it is still a big problem for me right now. I have recently had a Windows 10 update but I am not a Windows insider so I don’t think I can change to different version?

I have a YouTube video here to show what I mean, with the buttons I am pressing -

You don’t need to watch the whole video, the first 10 seconds should show I mean.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, I have sent this to my lecturer so he may come up with a solution or hopefully an extension if I cant fix this anytime soon.

Nevermind I have managed to fix this now.

I did a Windows 10 recovery to go back to a previous version.

I’d like to add that 4.15 works fine with the latest windows update. At least with my machine.

Granted that’s not an ideal solution for a lot of projects, but information that could help regardless.

It is very disapointing that a fully updated Windows 10 Pro cannot use the version 12.5 due to this bug. I even tried out this solution: Editor right click/drop down menu invisible - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums with the “WindowExStyle |= WS_EX_COMPOSITED;” in “Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\Windows\WindowsWindow.cpp”

It works for a short while and then the issues are back.

Gonna move to version 15 now and see if it works. I am currently using a resource that recommended version 12.5 but that is not gonna be a viable choice after all. Hopefully the C++ in version 12.5 and version 15 is NOT too different as that will mean a pile of extra work.

Hi, Does anyone know how to solve this issue without resorting to a rollback/recovery?

I seem to be having a similar issue on Windows 10 build 1563.675 with engine versions 11, 13 and 17

nvm found solution here