Cant ride modded dinos.

EDIT: Problem has been resolved. Turns out, the problem lied with me renaming the Dino Name Tag. I reverted the dino name tag to Mega and everything worked out. Referencing issue i guess.


I added a larger variant of the megalodon into the game but there is one HUGE problem. The megalodon cant be ridden! I can put saddles on it however i cant ride it at all. I have checked the character_bp file and the “allow riding” box is ticked. Despite this, the modded dino still cannot be ridden so I would appreciate if someone could give me some help on this. Ty!

It could be something to do with the scaling? Maybe some of the nodes have not linked correctly or soemthing like that.

I haven’t done any rescaling myself, but would anything in this topic help?!