Can't restore selected given package after crash, only Skip Restore available

I can’t find a related issue, just somewhat close to it, but not exactly what I need or look for, so I will ask the question.

Two days ago I had a crash when doing a scene, already forgot at which moment it crashed, whether “Build”-ing a scene, or taking high res picture, it was related to GPU, but I forgot specifics.

Issue though is not that, but about restoring my last save, and something like this has happened 2nd or 3rd time already since I started to use UE4 few update versions ago. The thing is, it shows me the Restore Packages screen when I try to open my project, and shows me a package(?) that I can select, and there are two options - “Restore Selected”, and “Skip Restore”.

Even if I select it I am confused as to why the “Restore Selected” is still grayed out, even if the option of the package to be selected is there, otherwise why would it be there? I can only press Skip Restore, which I have done previously since I literally have no idea how to get past it and get to my project, and of course, after going with Skip Restore there is something gone. First time it was materials that were gone, had to replace the material from that object again, or I had to place that object from a new, forgot which one I did back then.

This time I have no idea what is gone, so I can’t give a comment about that. But I am confused as to what to do next time when the “Package” is present as an clickable section, but I can’t press “Restore Selected”, and only “Skip Restore” is available despite the fact.

I’m having the same issue - trying to restore from autosave, but no matter what I do the “skip restore” button is the only clickable option!

This just happened to me, and I realized you need to check the respective checkmark next to the asset to specify which assets in the list you want restored.

It’s a bit unintuitive and easy to overlook when you only have a single asset in the list.