Can't restart game in PIE? (UE5)

I’m testing out a really basic prototype and all I want is to code a simple restart game after the player hits a KillZ volume. I scripted this the same way I have done this in the past in UE4, but in UE5 I get this error:

TravelFailure: ServerTravelFailure, Reason for Failure: ‘Failed to load package ‘/Game/UEDPIE_0_2_3_Prototyping2’’. Shutting down PIE.

What gives?

restarting the whole level, like in good older Retro Games?
Can you share a Screen of your Restart Function?

Why not just reopen the exact same level with OpenLevelByName? This resets everything and lets the Player Start again from the PlayerStart of the Loaded Level.

Totally overlooked the PIE Part…
Uhm… Restart means to shutdown the current GameInstance… Means… It completely kills the game… And restarts it…
That’s not possible in PIE, since it is an instances spawned of the UE Editor, but works in standalone.
I think they changed things in UE5, according to how PIE Instances get spawned.
When you want to let the player restart… Do the open level trick… :slightly_smiling_face:

Works like a charm, thanks!