Can't Reset Cached Pose In Animation State Machine?

The question:
On my Anim State Machine entering a new state does not reset the pose ONLY if it is cached. Is this a bug? or, how do I restart this cashed pose from frame 0?

For I have cached animation poses that refuse to reset to frame 0 when my state starts. (normal poses do reset)

I do not use animation montages and can not use them as a solution.
My reason for this is that I do not want to mix up responsibilities of the graphs and state machine. I want all state logic to be inside of my state machine with no chance of an animation montage overriding it for basic use like jumping or attacking.

My setup:
For my character I have configured a simple animation blueprint.
All of the animations including actions like jumping and attacking are selected through the Animation State Machine.
The EventGraph:
stores booleans when an action is requested, (attack button pressed, jump button etc) and logic for notifies etc.
The AnimGraph:
blends my animations, like sword_attack or fist_attack based on what weapon is held, then stores it into the pose cache “attack”
The StateMachine:
Evaluates stored booleans and moves into next state if allowed to. When it moves to state Attack it will use the attack animation used in the cache “attack”.

So the problem is, when I use the cache “attack” it won’t ever reset to frame 0, I don’t want it to loop or start halfway. If I don’t use the cache but a single pose instead, it works just fine but then I can not work with caches or blending as required.

Am I running into a bug or limitation of the state machine? Is there are solution not using montages?

Does not reset pose to frame 0:

Does reset pose to frame 0:

After playing with it a bit, it seems like it could work if you put each animation in its very own state machine and then blended the state machines. For some reason it doesn’t like the poses out in the open.

Thank you for your response, but I don’t need multiple state machines, I need the cached poses to work properly within my single state machine :). State machines are only used to switch between states, like Idle, Aim, Attack, Jump etc. For my humanoid characters only one state machine is required.

Did you ever happen to find a solution to this?


What was your workaround? Or do you live with that issue for now?

I quit attempting to do this in animations because the issue described here prevented me from doing what I wanted with state machines. This was back on UE4 so I can’t tell if it still happens on UE5.

Okay fair enough. I can confirm at least the issue remains in UE5 unfortunately.