Can't replace idle animations

[EDIT]: I figured it out: You have to open the animation bp, then click -Window -> Asset Override Editor
Then a menu should appear where all the replaced assets are listed.

[Original Post]
When I look at the Weap blueprint of a weapon (for example the crossbow), I can see properties for most animations and replacing them with my own animation is absolutely no problem. However some animations seem to be missing:

As you can see, no idle animations and sprint animations are missing as well. My question is: Where are they, and how can I replace them? I have tried looking in the weapon’s specific animation blueprint but that seems to be empty.

Running and no idle are most likely separate from the weapons bp and is in the pawn bp. Not sure bc i havent checked that myself but that would be a good starting spot for you to start searching.

The pawn bp only seems to contain unarmed animation and third person stuff.

Looking at the weapon animation blueprint however (“crossbow_FPV_AnimBlueprint” in my case) via the reference viewer I can see that this animation bp is referencing to all the animations I’m currently missing:

So I think this animation blueprint is where I should be looking. However when I try to edit it, the bp seems to be empty:

This blueprint is a child of “FPVWeapon Anim BP Base” and looking this one there are the idle animations and all that, however they are for the pistol (Since it’s the base blueprint). So the crossbow anim bp somehow replaces these animations with it’s own, but how?

Anyone got an idea?

These are probably things that haven’t been made “accessible” to us yet is my guess. I could be very mistaken though.

  • Sinari

Alright, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

No problem. Your best bet is probably waiting for a Dev to answer this one, or shoot them a message and wait for them to get back to you with an answer when they can.

  • Sinari

Sorry if this seems silly but up the top right of your image did you click “Animation” instead of viewing the “Graph”?
That would be where all of the animations are stored and by opening each one from there it should give you an indication on how they are used and what other animations are linked in the “details” menu when you click inside the animation scale.

Well I know where they are and how they work, my problem is that I can’t replace them.

Some animations in the standard bow can actually be replaced in the “animations” window. I’ll have a look and see if I can find something for you for the crossbow. If not, yeah, it might be a dev thing.

Issue resolved?

Not yet, didn’t have the time

Okay, no worries, was just checking in on the status of this :). Let us know!

Issue resolved, I figured it out. Added the solution to the main post. :slight_smile:

Yep, the handy Asset Override Editor is used on subclass Animation Blueprints for Dinos as well :slight_smile:

Glad you figured it out, Elias!!

Ooh, good to know! Thank you for looking into this. :smiley: