Can't render keyframed camera motion from Sequencer

Client presentation this morning. Have a simple sequence with a Cinecam and Camera rig rail. When I play back in Sequencer everything works and I see my camera movement.

However when I output using Movie RenderQueue the keyframed camera motion is not being rendered!

I can see other animation happening, just not the camera motion which should be following the rail as it does when I play back in Sequencer.

Can anyone suggest troubleshooting steps?

Are you sure you’re rendering from the correct camera? Make sure all the properties for the edit cuts have been assigned the camera you want and when you go to tender in movie que make sure you’re camera is listed.

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Not sure but think my issue was that I was trying to render from a shot sequence, instead of the top level master sequence.
Confusing since it plays back correctly in viewport but then again it was 4am when I encountered this. :rofl: