Cant remove vehicle speed text from HUD on starter content vehicle

Hi everyone, I have made a vehicle based from the basic vehicle in the starter content and I cant seem to get rid of the speed text and gears from the hud? I cant even see where the logic is to draw it to the screen. Theres no variable for this in my HUD widget or vehicle blueprint.

Does anyone have any ideas?

It’s not a widget that you’re looking for. It’s in the *VehicleBP > Blueprints *folder and called *VehicleHUD - *the Event Receive Draw Hud is what makes it happen.

I cant seem to find that. Also I am using my own vehicle bp and dont have that event

A coder set things up for me initially so maybe he has added it in c++

So what blueprints have you got in the folder I mentioned? You can always get rid of the HUD class from the Game Mode.