Can't remove foliage in UE5

I can paint foliage, but I can’t seem to erase it. I’ve verified that the amount of foliage to leave behind is set to 0.0.

Make sure you’re painting a foliage mesh and not a regular static mesh.

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I’ll check that. The meshes I’m painting are foliage from the Marketplace, but I should not assume they’re correct.

I posted the solution here. Foliage tool and World Partition, unable to remove foliage - #13 by AltairGamesLLC

Thank you! I’ll do as you’ve suggested.

This may be because you used the Plant Mode Move Tool feature to move other levels of plants over, which causes some of your plants to repeat with the original levels, you can select instancedFoliageactor, Then in the following Foliageinstancedstaticmeshcomponet choose to delete your plants