Can't remove empty frames in Timeline animation (HUD animation)

Hello, I can’t seem to shrink the maximum length of an animation. It’s 0.25s long but the tween is 1s despite it not having anything. I tried dragging the red bracket and a few other things. I could remake the animation easily but I’d like to know how to do this properly so I understand better.

This causes a delay when i go in reverse and I guess I could set it to start at a certain location but that wouldn’t be proper. Thank you!

The playback range (the range from the green bar to the red bar) in the UMG timeline is by default bounded by the extent of all the section ranges (the blue-green area that the keys are on). If you drag the right edge of the section range to the left, that should automatically snap the end of the playback range to it.

There is an option to disable this behavior if you wish. It’s in the “Playback Options” menu in the UMG timeline called “Keep Playback Range in Section Bounds”.