Can't remove deleted blueprinted pawn object from Level outliner in UE 5.0.1

Hello there, I am encountering a problem removing ‘Pawn’ object from level scene.
I added a ‘Pawn’ actor named ‘Pawn 2’ and added a blueprint class inherited from it, then I deleted the blueprint in the content asset tab, when I wanted to remove ‘Pawn 2’ from the ‘outliner’ tab for the level scene item list, the ‘Pawn 2’ became grey and I can’t seem to remove it via key ‘Back’, and I got a warning saying failed to load Pawn 2 when restarting the project.

The problematic ‘Pawn 2’ in outliner:

Thanks in advance.

Are you still playing, and you hit F8?

I think when you stop playing, this reference will go away.

Thanks for the quick reply, though I tried stopping/restarting the project, but neither did work -.-

Ah, I think it’s to do with world partition. That pawn is in an unloaded level?

nope, I just deleted it from the content browser tab and it suddenly became ‘unloaded’ status in default level named ‘untitled’, which is the only level actived/existed in whole project.

The default level has world partition set up.

Thanks I will give it a shot.

I tried disabling world partition and word partition streaming but no avail.
It seems it always tries to find an Actor named Pawn 2 ( Create Export: failed Game/Untitled/Pawn_2_C gui xxx blahblah)
I tried searching the Actor ‘Pawn2’ but the nothing in content browser directory or blueprint reference.
The ‘Map Check Error’ doesn’t seem to have any impact on the actual scene or packaging into windows binary, but it’s still a pain in the ■■■ to pop up a error message everytime you start the project. -.-

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